Mistwalker takes Blue Dragon sequel online

Mistwalker boss Hironobu Sakaguchi has told a Korean press conference that his studio is in talks with Microsoft regarding a Blue Dragon sequel for 360.

Towards the end of March,Sakaguchi told usBlue Dragon "sold through more than 200,000 units in Japan and again it will continue to build momentum as we get into things like BD2 and BD3. And that's what we're hoping; to really build on the franchise. Maybe it'll take ten years (laughs)."

Sakaguchi has now expressed his interest in the sequel featuring online play. He told Japan's Gpara.com, "We're in talks with Microsoft about development of a sequel. Specifics aren't finalized, but there's a possibility that it will be produced as an online title."

Blue Dragon is due for release this summer. You can read our full interview with Sakaguchiright here.

April 24, 2007