Misfits Series Three Premiere Report

SFX were at the BFI Southbank last night for a screening of series three’s first episode, here’s what we got up to… with a sneak peek at the cover of our next issue!

But with a whole week to go till you can get your hands on it (except for subscribers , who should be getting their hands on copies any day now) we thought we’d wet your appetite by sharing some of our experiences from last night’s series three premiere at the BFI Southbank, where the cast (minus Antonia Thomas, aka Alisha, who was on a night shoot covered in fake blood at the time), producers, directors, sound guys and mad-writer-genius Howard Overman were on hand.

Our day began much earlier than the 6:00pm start time, SFX zipping down to the BFI shortly after lunch for a video interview with the gang for sfx.co.uk, which covered everything from German MCs to the gang’s new powers. Wish Dave Golder luck editing that one down and keep your eye on sfx.co.uk towards the end of the month for some choice cuts.

A few hours later and it was premiere time. Waiting in line to pick up our ticket we only realised we were stood behind Misfit’s power-dealing Seth, Matthew McNulty, when he turned round and remembered SFX from our time on set. Next up, the packed auditorium where, after a quick warning not to tweet spoilers, the episode started. We’re not going to review the episode today, but we will say it’s very, very good and anyone concerned the show won’t be the same without Nathan needn’t worry anymore, Rudy is just as offensive, laugh-out-loud funny and arguably easier to warm to than Nathan ever was. One of his lines halfway through the episode was so outrageous it had SFX doubled over in laughter for a good minute – much to the annoyance of the nice lady sat next to us.

When the episode ended a cry could be heard from the middle of the auditorim “That new lad’s fit” – Joe Gilgun’s unmistakable Northern twang instantly familiar after his centre-stage performance in the episode we’d just watched. Afterwards the cast and Overman took to the stage for an hour-long Q&A which threw up a handful of interesting bits of information, such as the fact Overman wrote the final scene of series three only a few days before they filmed it – an ending which has a huge impact on the direction of series 4 apparently; even though the powers have changed time travel hasn’t gone for good, in fact the Christmas special has a clue about exactly who has the power now; and there are almost as many special effects shots in the first three episodes of the new series as there was in the whole of series two. When you see Rudy’s new power, you’ll understand why.

Post Q&A SFX headed to the invite only bar where E4 had very kindly put on free drinks and posh nibbles, and where we got to share our thoughts about the episode with Howard Overman himself. Fortunately we didn’t have to lie, it’s still the best show on TV."

Misfits returns to E4 later this month. Check out the new series three trailer below (or here if it's still playing up).

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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