Mirror's Edge Catalyst collectibles guide

Ocean Pier

6 Surveillance Recordings, 3 Documents, 6 Secret Bags

Mission 11 - Prisoner X

Secret Bag 1

When you enter the first area in the KSEC building, turn around and vault the railing then turn/jump off the wall to reach the platform above with the bag on it.

Surveillance Recording 1

Now slide under the pipe and turn right to collect this recording on the side.

Surveillance Recording 2

After reaching the bottom of the lift shaft and heading through the door, go down the stairs and turn left to find this recording.

Secret Bag 2

Now vault off the railing ahead and wallrun along the side of the bridge to nab the bag from the platform opposite.

Free Roam

Surveillance Recording 3

From outside the safe house, grapple across to the building opposite then climb through the apartment to collect the recording from a table in the bedroom.

Secret Bag 3

Get onto the roof of this building then go through the doorway near the crash mat. Climb up the ladder, then springboard off the railing and walljump to reach the platform above. Go to the other end then springboard and walljump off the black vent to reach the rooftop where the bag is sat.

Document 1

Collect the document from this outdoor seating area next to a water feature.

Surveillance Recording 4

On this balcony outside an apartment, the recording is in the seating area.

Secret Bag 4

On the same balcony, go up the steps then run down them and wallrun, walljump and wallrun again to reach the rungs above and climb up into the ventilation shaft to grab the bag.

Document 2

In this outdoor seating area with a pink blossom tree, climb up to the raised area where the document is leaning against the side.

Surveillance Recording 5

Inside this large building with interior waterfalls, the recording is sat on some seating in the side corridor.

Secret Bag 5

Now enter the end room and springboard through the waterfall then walljump to climb onto the suspended platform. Jump to the vent and climb up through it to reach the higher balcony. Turn around and follow the balcony to the end, then springboard off the railing and walljump to reach the balcony above with the bag on it.

Surveillance Recording 6

In this rooftop area with a Fragile Delivery Opportunity, collect the recording from a table next to the main building.

Document 3

In the same location, head to the other end and grab the document from the seating area.

Secret Bag 6

Now go inside through the door and past the Everdyne sign to a walkway, then walljump off the opposite wall to reach the vent above. Climb through two vents to access a server room, then climb on top of the unit to get the bag.

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