Mirror's Edge 2 pitch reportedly rejected by EA

According to an article on Swedish game site Press2Play, we should "forget dreams of Mirror's Edge 2." The report, which was originally published in December, and recently translated by Eurogamer Sweden, claims that a prototype for Mirror's Edge 2 was declined by EA, and that the project has been "stopped."

According to the report, Patrick Soderlund, EA's man in charge of driving and shooting games, "seems to have Mirror's Edge near his heart" but acknowledges that "Mirror's Edge didn't match up to their expectations regarding sales."

Last summer, Soderlund confirmed that "a small team" at DICE was working on a new Mirror's Edge game, and told Eurogamer in November, "We're absolutely continuing to support Mirror's Edge as an IP. When we're ready to talk about it, we'll talk about it."

Not long after, however, EA Games President Frank Gibeau told Develop that Mirror's Edge "fell short," and, among other things, mentioned its lack of multiplayer. A month later, Gibeau stated that purely single-player games are on their way out - another nail in Mirror's Edge 2's coffin.

Given this Press2Play story, Gibeau's comments, and that we haven't heard much in support of Mirror's Edge 2 except from Soderlund, we've just about completely lost faith in the possibility of a sequel (Ha!). DICE is surely focusing the bulk of its resources on Battlefield 3, anyway.

How does this make us feel? Google Translate pulled the words right out of our mouths when it chewed up and dribbled out the last line of the Swedish article.

"It appears in our dreams as pure injustice."

Feb 15, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer