How to make a Minecraft recovery compass and use it

Minecraft recovery compass
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The Minecraft Recovery Compass is a new item that arrived with Minecraft The Wild update and helps you find your way back to lost items after you die. A pretty handy device to have on you if you happen to be spelunking for diamonds and other resources far from your Minecraft home. However, crafting one isn’t easy as you’ll need a weird selection of materials, including the new Echo Shards that can only be looted from Ancient Cities found in Deep Dark biomes - also new with The Wild update. Here’s what you need to know about the Recovery Compass item in Minecraft and how to craft one.

Minecraft recovery compass

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What does the Minecraft Recovery Compass do?

The Minecraft Recovery Compass always points to the position of your most recent death. So as long as you keep one near your bed, ready to grab after any unfortunate incidents you'll be able to quickly locate and get back to where you just died. Follow the compass' directions and you can then recover all your precious items and some of your hard-earned XP.

However, the Recovery Compass only points to your most recent death provided you are in the same dimension as the one you died in. So for example, if you die in the Overworld and then go into the Nether, your Recovery Compass will just spin wildly until you return to the Overworld.

How to craft a Recovery Compass

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To craft yourself a Minecraft Recovery Compass, you’ll need a regular Compass and eight Echo Shards. To loot eight Echo Shards you'll need to explore the Ancient City found in a Deep Dark biome. This’ll require lots of exploring and stealth to avoid Wardens, so be careful. Once you’ve got the eight shards, take them and your Compass to a crafting table and arrange the shards in a square around the Compass. Ta-dah! You’ll now be able to locate your lost items after death!

Minecraft recovery compass

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If you need to get a basic compass first then you can either take a naturally generated one from a structure, such as a Shipwreck, Village, or Ancient City, or you can craft one with:

  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 4 Iron Ingots

However you get one, just remember to leave the Minecraft Recovery Compass near your respawn point so it's ready to grab when you die. Then you've just got to get all your stuff back... 

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