Minecraft PSVR announced: "It is 100% the same Minecraft"

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Mojang is adding PlayStation VR support to Minecraft on PS4 later this month, and it'll be completely free to existing owners of the survival crafting phenomenon. 

Revealed as part of this week's PS VR Spotlight over at the PlayStation Blog, Mojang confirmed that Minecraft PSVR "is 100% the same Minecraft game that you can play every day, every week, every month, every year…on PlayStation 4", but completely playable from the perspective of Sony's virtual reality headset. 

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Mojang's Roger Carpenter confirmed that the patch will include a few user interface changes that makes the game easier to play in VR, including support for Immersive and Living Room modes, but otherwise, you'll be operating your character with the DualShock 4 as usual.

The mode has been developed by Mojang's partner studio SkyBox Labs, and Carpenter confirms its been something the team have wanted to bring to the PlayStation platform ever since it got "the thumbs up from Sony for cross-platform play."

It's unclear what date in September the patch is expected to go live, but it'll appear as an automatic update on your copy of Minecraft if you have it installed on PS4, so you don't need to worry about heading into the PSN Store to get it. 

You can expect more PSVR related announcements every day throughout the next week at 7AM PST/10AM ET/3PM BST on the PlayStation Blog. Just don't expect any PS5 related news to come with it, as Sony has already confirmed the focus remains firmly on its current generation of virtual reality hardware. Sigh. 

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