Minecraft Lego texture pack makes your world look like beautiful bricks

A Minecraft Lego texture pack turns all the blocks  around you into the most stackable, clickable looking plastic bricks you've ever seen.

As spotted by PC Gamer, modder macio6 offers several versions of MineBricks for free on Gumroad (the highest resolution version, which also features gorgeous, individually recreated brick versions of vines, will cost you at least $5). The texture pack also works with a number of popular shaders so you can get your worlds and creations looking even better.

The pack itself includes conversions for common blocks as well as crafted items: you can gaze out over your brick crafting table across fields of brick grass and brick trees. It even has new paintings which look like sticker decals you'd apply to the side of a Lego set. Or if you were a weird kid like me, the sticker decals you refuse to apply just in case you want to use that brick for something else down the line, even though you already have plenty of loose bricks and never take apart any of your completed sets.

Meanwhile, if you're looking forward to expanding the scale of your Minecraft world, you can try out Minecraft Cliffs & Caves: Part Two via Mojang's experimental snapshot.

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