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Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC takes us into the ocean later this month

Minecraft Dungeons
(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC expansion is coming out later this month.

Developer Mojang announced the forthcoming DLC for Minecraft Dungeons earlier today on May 10. There's not long to wait until we can explore the Hidden Depths for ourselves, because the expansion is coming to Minecraft Dungeons later this month on May 26.

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While Mojang hasn't revealed how much the Hidden Depths DLC for Minecraft Dungeons will cost, it's worth noting that both the two previous DLC additions for the game retailed for $5.99. Alternatively, purchasing the game's Season Pass will give you access to the past two DLC packs, the Hidden Depths, and a fourth, unannounced expansion pack at some point in the future.

But as with past DLC packs, there's also free content coming for all Minecraft Dungeons players alongside the new expansion on May 26. The free content this time round includes "new enchantments and breathtaking new levels" according to the official Minecraft website (opens in new tab), as well as hidden Raid Captains throughout the world, which amp up difficulty considerably.

So far we've seen a few DLC expansions released to support Minecraft Dungeons after launch, called Howling Peaks, and Flames of the Nether. While these expansions were included with the Season Pass, and added in new difficulty levels, areas, enemies, and more, the Creeping Winter pack released earlier in 2020 actually wasn't included within the Season Pass. Here's hoping this could mean Mojang has more support planned for Minecraft Dungeons even after the planned fourth DLC pack rounds out the Season Pass offerings at some point further down the line.

If you're looking to experience Mojang's dungeon-crawling game for the first time, head over to our Minecraft Dungeons tips guide on how to get started.

Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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