Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC adds new loot, levels, and more in September

(Image credit: Mojang)

The next Minecraft Dungeons DLC is called Creeping Winter, and it's coming on September 8.

Mojang revealed the DLC and its release date in a recent blog post. Where the previous DLC focused on the jungle, Creeping Winter will (obviously) focus on wintry Minecraft biomes like the snowy tundra, taiga, and mountains. Expect icy new enemies and hazards like frozen paths which may send you sliding into danger. 

Creeping Winter will introduce new levels to clear, and a free update coming alongside it will add new NPCs to befriend. By rescuing new captured merchants found in levels, you can add them to your camp and later level them up to expand their inventory. "The Blacksmith will upgrade items for you," Mojang explains, "and the Gift Wrapper will allow you to trade items with other players in multiplayer." The free update will also add daily trials which tweak levels with unique mechanics that "provide difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for you to overcome." 

September 8 will also see the release of physical copies of Minecraft Dungeons for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The physical edition comes with the first DLC, Jungle Awakens, as well as Creeping Winter, so even if you own the game already (through Xbox Game Pass, for instance) there's still some reason to buy it. If you've been dying to hold a copy in your hands, or you haven't picked the game up yet because you're a die-hard physical collector, you'll get your chance soon.

Here's how to trade in Minecraft Dungeons. Trust us, it can be confusing. 

Austin Wood

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