Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons promises a 10-hour campaign with branching narratives

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons
(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons is a brand new in-game mode putting a role-playing twist on the game.

Announced earlier today on March 28 during a D&D Direct presentation, Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons is the latest initiative to take the game to a new level. Unlike Minecraft Legends though, Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons takes place within Minecraft itself, and isn't a standalone game.

Dungeons & Dragons offers a full campaign within Minecraft, which developer Mojang is estimating will take players right around 10 hours. There's also social interaction elements with NPCs, as well as progression and story mechanics with branching story pathways.

"You have a multi option dialogues, and sometimes you have a dice roll. So it's a 20 and the outcome will decide what happens with this roll," explains Riccardo Lenzi, senior producer at Mojang. "I think their deep understanding and love of the brand has really taken place to this game. And I think it's gonna be really awesome when people get to see it," adds Tom Sargent, senior producer at Wizards of the Coast.

Overall, there are four main classes in Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons, although Mojang hasn't revealed any further details about these right now. What each class will have, though, is a basic attack, as well as specialized skills, which will change between each classes for added gameplay dimensions.

Right now, there isn't a projected release date, or release window, for Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons. When it does eventually release though, it'll be coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

In other news, this wasn't the only D&D addition mentioned during today's stream; Vecna stars in major new D&D storyline for 2024, and our first look at D&D virtual tabletop in action is seriously impressive.

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