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Millar talks up Kick-Ass 2

The first Kick-Ass hasn’t even hit cinemas yet (it’s out at the end of March), but already comic writer Mark Millar is talking up a sequel.

Riding on the back of many a positive screening, Millar is optimistic that a comic book sequel will get the greenlight.

Recently he told Film School Rejects , “There will be a sequel. There’s just no doubt about it… It’s not being cocky with it. I love it. Everyone I know is really happy with it… And we could do a sequel relatively inexpensively.”

He’s aiming to start writing a comic book follow-up in April, while joking that they could get it published in time to coincide with Kick-Ass ’ DVD premiere later in the year (good luck with that).

Here’s what he had to say about the specifics of the storyline (and be warned, there are giant spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film or read the original comic)...

“I’m going to start writing in April and Johnny [ Romita, artist ] will hopefully have it out by September, to cash in on that DVD. We’ll definitely see more of Hit Girl.

“I think we’ve stumbled onto the new Han Solo, there’s just something about this character that, from the minute she appears, we just went insane for her. We just loved her.

“Red Mist becomes the Joker to [ Kick-Ass ], you know? But we’re talking about another villain as well. So he’ll almost be a sidekick to this other guy.

“My working [ name is ] somewhere between the motherfucker and the cunts. That’s the two names I’m thinking of. I mean, it’s better than the Joker, isn’t it?”

Which all sounds awesomely awesome. We loved the first Kick-Ass , with its slick visuals and its clever comic book in-jokes, so more of the same is definitely an exciting promise.

No word if this comic sequel will get the big screen treatment, or if director Matthew Vaughan and screenwriter Jane Goldman would go for it. But after they obviously had so much fun with the first, we can’t imagine they’d say no if asked.

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