Mike Myers not yet confirmed for Austin Powers 4?

Contrary to previous reports, it would appear that Mike Myers hasn’t officially signed on for Austin Powers 4 just yet.

Following earlier news that Austin Powers 4 was definitely in the pipeline, Deadline are reporting that the recent news has come as something of a surprise for a skeptical New Line.

Myers has apparently only just responded to an Austin Powers offer that the company made to him almost a year ago, but so far he has only expressed interest and negotiations are still underway.

In 2008, it was proposed that Austin 4 would focus on the relationship between Dr Evil and his son Scotty (Seth Green) but after The Love Guru flopped in cinemas, Myers disappeared from the big screen (besides a cameo in Inglourious Basterds ) and the project was dropped.

It is unknown whether the Austin Powers 4 that is currently being discussed will use the same plot, or whether Myers has new plans for the shagadelic spy.

In any case, bringing back a franchise that has been absent for such a long time will be a huge risk for both parties.