Mike Colter talks dark tone of Luke Cage series

Luke Cage will be the third Marvel / Netflix series to arrive behind Daredevil and AKA Jessica Jones, and leading man Mike Colter has been discussing what we can expect from the forthcoming show.

“It’s geared towards an adult audience,” Colter told IGN, “which is something that will be different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that you’ve seen before on the big screen. I’m excited about playing the character because I’ve read the comic books.”

“They’re very detailed, gritty; the world they’ve written in the comic books is very clear. Marvel does a fantastic job about bringing human stories – because you’re telling big stories with a heart at the centre of it – and that’s what connects all of the characters to our audience members.”

“What I’m most excited about is touching on what makes him tick,” he continues. “It feels good to get a character that has such a story, background, and history. And when I look at the scripts, I’m really pleased with it because it’s a slow-burn.”

And as for the series’ tone, Colter is quick to play up the darkness that Cage will find himself immersed in…

“We have a more gritty, focused story on our heroes and characters that live in New York City, but it’s geared towards a more adult audience… I think that’s the thing about the series that will be different.”

Luke Cage is set to land on Netflix at some point in 2016, with Colter set to introduce the character in AKA Jessica Jones later this year. ‪In the meantime, Colter can be seen in Halo: Nightfall, out on DVD and Blu-ray from 16 March‬ 2015.

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