Midnight Ghost Hunt brings ghastly Prop Hunt to early access this spring

Midnight Ghost Hunt
(Image credit: Coffee Stain Publishing)

Vaulted Sky Games' Midnight Ghost Hunt is finally on track for a Steam Early Access debut this spring. 

The multiplayer horror game, which combines elements of Phasmophobia with Prop Hunt, will finally be playable in the next few months after its initial 2019 reveal. 

Players take up arms as Ghost Hunters as they work to suss out their own ghoul-busting tech to banish spectral nuisances to another realm. There's the option to play both Ghost and Hunter in 4v4 scuffles between the living and dead.

Choose to play as Ghost and you'll have to find a good place to hide in everyday objects like furniture and other items. Conceal yourself while the Hunters are on the move and then as soon as they aren't paying attention, use telekinesis to send items hurtling their way. Conjure miasma to cause confusion and even masquerade as a Hunter's doppelganger. 

At the stroke of midnight, the Witching Hour begins, and Ghosts receive a boost of extra energy and speed, supercharged to take on the Hunters. That's when the tables turn, so even if you might be dominating as the Hunters, the Ghosts get a chance to rise up.

Previously, Midnight Ghost Hunt has gone through several closed betas. As Vaulted Sky Games confirms, however, the game will finally drop on Steam in the next few months. It will include 7 maps to play on (as well as bots), voice chat, a custom game rules editor, and a variety of weapons, abilities, and perks. 

So while there's no confirmed date just yet for when you can get to bustin' like Ray Parker, Jr. sang about, it's a good idea to keep your eyes open for the Early Access drop to happen very soon. 

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Brittany Vincent