Midnight Club 3 explosion!

If this web page was a suitcase we'd have to sit on it just to get the lid down. If this corner of the web was Mr Creosote, he'd be turning down the mints and beckoning for a bucket right now. In fact, this page is more 'full of it' than a gang of hoodie-clad kids hanging around a town centre monument.

The 'it' in question, is Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. And, if you haven't guessed by now, this page is stuffed full to the exhausts of it.

Just take a look over to your right and you will see a selection of fresh screens; below you can exercise your clicking finger with a variety of movies to suit all bandwidths; and on the next page we have an interview with Jay Panek, the producer of the game.

For anyone who has arrived late, or has just dropped in from outer space, Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition is a peddle-to-the-metal, Highway Code-to-the-wind racer that mixes street style with lifestyle.

So while speed matters in the roadway racetracks, you are also judged by how much neon you can get on to a Nova.

If that's enough to set your glands to salivate, then why not fetch yourself a bib while these clips download to your desktop. All you need to do is pick which size movie you fancy and right-click on the chosen link to see it in its full Quicktime glory.

Battle of the Benzes
Watch the Teutonic terrors race it out in the version or go the whole-hog with this .

Dodge vs Muscle
A Dodge SRT-10 is taken to the limits by a gang of muscle motors in this and in this .

Ducati vs Detroit
The bikes demonstrate why two wheels are better than four in downtown Detroit. See them in action in either a or super-size yourself with this .

Night-times Skyline
Size doesn't matter when your Skyline SRT is king of the streets but you can crown your clip collection with either this or a .

While that little lot is downloading, .