Microsoft Flight Simulator adds UK locations in January update

Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Microsoft Flight Simulator's next world update is turning its attention to the UK in January 2021.

The next major world refresh for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will be the game's third update, targets the UK in January. We can expect to see a bunch of landmarks for England, Scotland, and Wales added to the already gargantuan game, and developer Asobo Studio recently revealed that we can expect to see between 50 and 60 brand new points of interest in the UK expansion.

As always, you can expect a slate of brand new airports to debut with the UK expansion. London Heathrow is already available in Microsoft Flight Simulator as the UK's only airport, but this expansion should see a number of additional airports added in, as well as landmarks including Land's End, Manchester Barton, and more.

Right now, it's not clear if Ireland will be included in the UK-centric update launching in January. Asobo has said they're still working hard on attempting to recreate various Irish landmarks and buildings for the game, but that doesn't necessarily mean Ireland will be added to Microsoft Flight Simulator in January.

As of now, the UK world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled to launch on January 26. Before that though, Asobo will be introducing VR support for all PC-related devices on December 22, so you can cruise around the world from within a headset.

This is the major world update follows Japan and USA-focused updates that were recently added to the game. Support for Japanese locations was added in earlier this year in September, introducing multiple landmarks including Mount Fuji, and the USA update has only just launched this past week, adding in impressive locations like the Grand Canyon.

If you're just getting going with piloting aircraft around the world for the first time, you can check out our full Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 beginner guide for more.

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