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Microsoft exec seemingly appears to confirm November launch for Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Microsoft)

A November launch for the Xbox Series X has seemingly been confirmed by Microsoft ahead of tonight's Xbox Game Showcase.

Responding to a question from Bloomberg's Dina Bass in an investor call yesterday, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood stated that the company's next-gen console is "still on track" for launch this November. 

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When asked to clarify whether Hood specifically mentioned November as the Xbox Series X release month, Bass stated the following on Twitter. 

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It would be no surprise for the Xbox Series X to land in stores this November, as this would follow the release schedule for all previous Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One in 2013. 

Officially, however, Microsoft is sticking to its "Holiday 2020" tagline in its marketing for the system for now, but there's every chance a release date could be announced later today. Don't expect any release news tonight either, as the Xbox team has reiterated that the Xbox Games Showcase will focus purely on the games that will be coming to the console

In the same call, CEO Satya Nadella also promised that “Xbox Series X will launch this fall with the largest launch lineup for any console ever." 

Here's hoping tonight's show makes good on that commitment with plenty of new reveals for upcoming Xbox Series X games beyond Halo Infinite

Here's everything we know about the upcoming Xbox Series X pre-orders too, or watch the video below for a look at the next generation of Unreal Engine.

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