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Michael Shannon was actually joking about Zod's flippers

Nice one, Shannon. Last week the former General Zod poked fun at the prospect of his revival in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when interviewed by Vulture, by making a passing comment during a toilet anecdote. The revealing tidbit that we all jumped on was his mention of having flippers on his hands -- was he taking us for a ride, or was Zod indeed returning in an aquatic form?

“Somebody was asking me about this in New York and I made up some ridiculous bulls**t answer about how my character Zod has flippers," he now tells The Daily Beast, "and this went viral on the Internet or something and people have been asking me about that. That is so obviously a complete bulls**t story, right? But people took it seriously.”

We knew it sounded too good to be true. “The thing about the whole Krypton universe," he adds, "apparently, is that even when you destroy them, there are ghosts. The first [film], Jor-El is there even though he’s been dead for lord knows how long…I went over and did some voice-over stuff because it’s like that ghost thing. But I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. I get very nervous.”

Expect to hear Shannon's voice work - probably as Superman's conscience? - in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice when it opens on March 25, 2016.

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