MGS 5 Definitive Edition reopens the 'where's the ending' debate and Konami respond

Yesterday Konami announced a Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive Edition bundling all the released content into one package. This morning it's having to defend the game's abrupt ending again. 

The conversation started on Twitter when someone asked the official Metal Gear account this: 

Shots fired. That lead to this exchange:

As you can see, the official message is clear: the game has a proper ending and the legendary missing mission 51 is canceled content, not a canned conclusion. The game was absolutely meant to stop at mission 50.

However, as one person pointed out here certain plot lines could only be resolved via mission 51, which was only viewable via video to people with the Collector's Edition. Metal Gear Official's answer seems to argue that the unresolved stuff is finished in the previous games because 5 is a prequel. 

Just to make that point clear there was also this tweet: 

So the ending of MGS 5 is technically the 1987 original game. Finally, as one last kicker after all that talk of the mythical mission 51, it sounds like Definitive Edition won't actually have include that video either.  

Imagine being the poor guy managing that Twitter account right now. 

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