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Metroid: Other M delayed till August (and why that isn't so bad)

The rumors were true, the highly anticipated Metroid: Other M for Wii has been delayed till late August. Therumors started swirling yesterday (opens in new tab) of an impending postponement, fortunately those reports indicated a nebulous “TBA” release date as opposed to the more solid August 31, 2010 according to Nintendo’sofficial statement (opens in new tab).

Above: Keep your chin up Samus, we'll meet you eventually

Now every delay of anticipated games like Other M feels like a real kick in the old beanbag, but this could be a blessing. Inour recent time with it (opens in new tab),Metroid superfan/GR Executive Editor Brett Elston had a few doubts about the implementation of its controls, as well as concerns about the camera and cutscenes. While it was far from bad, it seemed like it could fall short of the lofty expectations.

Now Nintendo and Team Ninja have a couple more months to hopefully work out the kinks and get this to be the amazing game we want it to be. Remember all the delays on Twilight Princess or Super Mario Galaxy? Sure the news sucked at the time, but it was worth it to get the Nintendo perfection when they ultimately came out. After the iffy performance we saw in March, we’d have been more worried for the game if they stuck to the original late June date. Also, the last few Metroid games have come out in August, so why should Other M break that cycle?

Above: And in case you forgot, here's what the Sin & Punishment sequel looks like

Tied to Metroid’s delay, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for Wii also got pushed, though only by a few weeks. It now comes out June 27, which was previously Other M’s date. So for the small but dedicated group that cares, you have our pity.

Apr 23, 2010

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