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Metro: Last Light Musician Achievement / Trophy guide

Scattered throughout the Metro: Last Light campaign, there are different types of musical instruments that you can play when activated. There are guitars, accordions, balalaikas, and even pianos to get your groove on with. Some are hidden away in lockers and some are hiding in plain sight where you’d least expect them. We have put this guide together to show you where you can locate each of the instruments, to not only get you the Musician Achievement / Trophy, but also help you gain the secret alternate ending for the game.

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Table of Contents:

  • Sparta [2]
  • Facility [1]
  • Bolshoi [4]
  • Revolution [3]
  • Regina [1]
  • Undercity [1]
  • Contagion [3]
  • Quarantine [1]
  • The Dead City [1]


Guitar: In the first room you start in after you awake from your dream, this guitar will be sitting on the chair.

Balalaika: In the lounge, you can find this on the chair before going in to talk to Miller.


Accordion: This can be found on a bench in the large main room where you encounter a swarm of enemies.


Balalaika: As soon as the level starts, look beside the man and woman talking on the bench to see this instrument on the ground.

Guitar: You can find this second guitar in the area just before the shop kiosks, on the left side.

Balalaika: This can be found on the table of the last store on the left side in the market just before the theatre.

Balalaika: After passing through the theatre and exiting the dressing room, go down the alley on the left into a bar then look by the pillar to the right of the table with two guys passed out on it.


Balalaika: This can be found behind the desk where the note is located near the start of the chapter at the bottom of the stairs.

Piano: Once you clear out the first large area, go through the large door on the right by pulling the lever and continue in. Once you reach the next room, the piano will be on the right side near the washroom there.

Accordion: When you are exiting the large room that you climbed through the turbine to reach, you will go down a corridor which has a single locker at the end of it. Pop it open to find the accordion inside.


Accordion: When you start driving Regina, stop at the first room on the left and at the back, up the stairs, will be the accordion on the ground to the right.


Balalaika: When you awake in your room, look for the instrument in the corner.


Guitar: When you first enter the gas filled room, go along the rooms on the right side and in the far one will be the guitar.

Guitar: When you first put on your gas mask and enter the first room on the left side with enemies, the guitar will be in the centre of the room behind a counter.

Guitar: After you need to wear your mask and you enter the large rooms on the left side, you will eventually come to a part where you need to go to the second floor to get over a gate. Just before you jump down to get behind the gate, the guitar will be in the last room at the end.


Guitar: Once you go through the red door with Khan, look to the left to see a guitar leaning against the wall.

The Dead City

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