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Metallica "most requested" for Rock Band and Guitar Hero

During a promotional trailer for the band's forthcoming studio album, Metallica has declared that its music is the "most requested" on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

You may remember a few years back that the aging rock chuggers were on the verge of appearing in their very own videogame under the Vivendi / Sierra moniker. The "high action, third person vehicle combat game packed with fully customized vehicles and weaponry, endless terrain and desperate, murderous opponents" was due out in 2005.Metallica was all set to dovoiceoversand background music along withan original song for the title.

But all that never happened. Probably because someone eventually realized that it sounded horrific on paper. Worse even than the Load and St Anger albums put together. Thank God for the emergence then of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which have given fans a chance to be in the band rather than drive it around, running people over.

Metallica classics such as One, And Justice For All..., Blackened and Ride the Lightning are just some of what's already available. But with the band's claim that its tunes are the most requested for both games, looks like there will be plenty more in store. Bring on Battery and Damage Inc., we say.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 16, 2008