[UPDATED] Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D gets confirmed release date. Woot!

UPDATE 01/10/2012:Konami's US branch has since confirmed that the US release date will be February 21.

The thought of Metal Gear Solid 3 in 3D and on a handheld was an incredibly tantalising prospect when the game was announced along with the first showing of 3DS all those months ago. But since then, Snake has gone a bit quiet. Sure, Kojima announced March 8 at the Tokyo Game Show last year, but it wasn't clear whether that was for everyone or just Japan.

As if to allay our fears and sooth our troubled minds, Konami has now confirmed that March 8 is definitely the European release date for the game, which will also support the Circle Pad Pro add-on peripheral, which means we'll be able to control it properly too. Check out the trailer and get yerself in the mood - Snake's back, baby!

While we're sure there's a US date announcement (probably March 8 also) due any minute now, this does mean there's still a window of opportunity for you to assume the role of a lone operative, conceal a packet of cigarettes in your stomach, covertly infiltrate Konami's headquarters and read whatever sheets of paper they've got lying around on the office printer. Procurement on site, natch.

Just make sure you're based on currently existing technology, OK? Yes, you can be 3D.


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