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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Unlockables

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    Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection achievements

    Achievement lists

    Down in Smoke (10 points)
    Disorient an enemy with a cloud of smoke from a fire extinguisher

    Sexting (10 points)
    Send Otacon a picture of the marine with no pants

    I Think You Need a Hug, E (10 points)
    Find Emma Emmerich

    Don't Taze Me, Bro (10 points)
    Tranquilize 100 enemies

    Nothing Personal (10 points)
    Break the neck of 30 enemies

    Rent Money (10 points)
    Beat 30 enemies unconscious

    Piece of Cake (10 points)
    Complete a VR or Alternative mission

    Johnny on the Spot (10 points)
    Hear Johnny's bowel noises in two locations

    Kissing Booth (10 points)
    Kiss a poster in a locker

    Snake Beater (10 points)
    Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself

    Spaghetti Cinema (10 points)
    Meet Revolver

    Steel Grip (10 points)
    Attain grip level 3

    Lights Out (15 points)
    Defeat Olga Gurlukovich

    Party's Over (15 points)
    Defeat Fatman

    No-Fly Zone (15 points)
    Destroy the AV-88 Harrier II

    No Ray, José (15 points)
    Defeat Metal Gear RAY

    Another Snake Bites the Dust (15 points)
    Defeat Solidus Snake

    Vampire Slayer (15 points)
    Defeat Vamp

    Who Ya Gonna Call? (20 points)
    Take a clear photograph of the ghost image in Hold No. 2

    No Boss of Mine (30 points)
    Complete Boss Survival

    Tell Me a Tale (30 points)
    Complete all Snake Tales

    Great Dane (80 points)
    Collect all dog tags

    A Cut Above (50 points)
    Beat the Tanker and Plant chapters on any difficulty

    Virtually Impossible (80 points)
    Complete all VR and Alternative missions

    Young Gun (10 points)
    Submit Ocelot

    Pain Relief (10 points)
    Defeat The Pain

    If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It (10 points)
    Defeat The Fear

    The End (10 points)
    Defeat The End

    Houston, We HAD a Problem (10 points)
    Defeat The Fury

    River of Pain (10 points)
    Defeat The Sorrow

    Shagadelic (10 points)
    Defeat Shagohod

    Grounded (10 points)
    Defeat Volgin in a fist fight

    The Patriot (10 points)
    Defeat The Boss

    Mama Said (10 points)
    CQC Slam a guard and knock him out

    Like He Just Doesn't Care (10 points)
    CQC Hold up an enemy

    Close Shave (10 points)
    CQC Slit an enemy's throat

    Snake Eyes (10 points)
    See all of the first-person views that are not indicated by the RB button icon

    Ralph Called (10 points)
    Make Snake throw up

    Can I Keep It? (10 points)
    Capture any animal alive

    Snake Eater (10 points)
    Eat a snake of any type

    A Good Man Is Hard to Find (10 points)
    Achieve a camouflage index of 100%

    Problem Solved, Series Over (10 points)
    Create the Ocelot Time Paradox

    Believe It or Not (20 points)
    Catch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent)

    Fashionista (20 points)
    Find every type of camouflage

    Only Skin Deep (20 points)
    Find every type of face paint

    The Early End (20 points)
    Kill The End before the boss battle

    King of the Jungle (80 points)
    Obtain title of MARKHOR

    It Ain't Easy Being Green (80 points)
    Find all 64 Kerotans

    Like a Boss (50 points)
    Finish the game on any difficulty

    PEACE WALKER (30 points)
    Finish game without killing anyone