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(SPOILER) Here's the birthday surprise The Phantom Pain has waiting for you

Warning: Minor spoilers for MGS5: The Phantom Pain ahead.

When you fire up Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (opens in new tab), you're asked to input your birthday - well, Big Boss' birthday to be precise. At first it's not clear why, but it turns out that if you head to Mother Base on the chosen date, you'll be welcomed with a surprise birthday party, complete with Kaz and Ocelot singing their rendition of a happy birthday song.

It's simultaneously cute and disturbing, since Boss is lured back with a panicked-sounding Kaz telling him he needs to get home immediately, and once the cake comes out, Boss stands there with the blood of his enemies smeared across his face. Kaz, Ocelot … you guys remember that the whole reason Boss was out of commission for so long was an attack on the previous Mother Base that killed all his friends and left him in a coma, right? Maybe pretending/implying the base is under attack isn't the best idea for setting a happy birthday mood.

If you didn't know about this little trick or want to see it in your own game, I wouldn't suggest setting your birthday as today's date - you'll need to complete at least the first level for the event to trigger, and there's an extra scene if you have time to recruit Quiet before you head home for the party. It's fabulously badass.

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