Metal Gear Solid 4: The first review is out!

GR: What's the single biggest improvement over the previous games? What makes the biggest difference in MGS4?

PF: Having what is basically a classic FPS shooter control set up is the biggest improvement (although I guess it debuted in MGS3: Subsistence). It means that when Snake has to shoot it out, you can negotiate that with confidence for the first time.

GR: You said in your review that MGS4 isn't perfect. What were your biggest complaints with it, and why did those issues disappoint you? Any major flaws?

PF: I think the game's ending suffers from the Return Of The King syndrome in that it keeps ending when it should really draw a line earlier on. That's the main one for me. Also, the 'togglable' auto-aim isn't always as smart at locking on as it should be in those situations where it really makes sense that you use it.

GR: Why weren'tthose problems enough to stop you giving the game a 10/10 rating?

PF: For me, like the greatest films, it's outstanding because of, and not despite, its idiosyncrasies and flaws. It's the expression of one very creative person's vision and to see that undiluted with all it's eccentricities and genius intact is remarkable. It's also a cracking story and truly rewarding to play.

GR: Can you talk about anything that really surprised you? Anything you weren't expecting, or that you expected to be there but wasn't?

PF: I was expecting the faction dynamic to be enforced, and to feature for longer. The other thing that surprised me is something that should be left to surprise you too. Sorry!