Metal Gear and Silent Hill fans hope Konami's announcement could revive classic games

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Konami bringing classic games to Steam has Metal Gear and Silent Hill fans hoping for the same treatment.

Yesterday on August 25, Konami announced that a series of classic and new games alike would be coming to the Official Konami Shop, purchasable for download on Steam. That's 23 games and 18 DLC packs, including the likes of Castlevania, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Contra, and more.

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This revival of older Konami games for easier access on Steam has inspired hope in two fan groups in particular. Heading over to ResetEra, for example, you can find countless Metal Gear and Silent Hill fans hoping for Konami to bring classic games from both series to the Official Konami Shop for activation on Steam.

Currently, it's incredibly difficult to play old Metal Gear games in particular, especially since Konami was forced to remove both Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 from PC in late 2021 over licensing issues for historical footage. Meanwhile, the original Metal Gear Solid is still available on PC, but only through the GOG storefront.

There is actually some hope for Metal Gear fans though, as Konami pledged earlier this year that it would relist older titles from the series on digital storefronts at some point in the future. Konami didn't specify which games it would be relisting though, or when this would happen, and we've heard nothing more since the announcement in July. 

As for the Silent Hill series, it's even more dire. The original Silent Hill is still locked exclusively to the PS1, and while Silent Hill 2 is playable on Xbox systems, it's barely compatible with modern PCs (to that end, a group of fans are actually updating the game for modern systems). If any series deserves to be preserved, it'd be hard to argue against Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

Meanwhile, we've seen nothing come to fruition from the report of multiple Silent Hill games being in the works, including a full remake of Silent Hill 2. 

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