Meryl Streep finds one enchanted Evening

It’ll be 'bring your daughter to work day' every day on the set of Meryl Streep’s new film, Evening.

She’ll be starring alongside her 23-year-old sprog Mamie Gummer, appearing as a screen team for the first time since 1993’s House Of The Spirits. And it’s not just Streep indulging in a little family business, as Vanessa Redgrave has been cast opposite her own daughter, Natasha Richardson.

Also in the cast is an eclectic mix that includes Claire Danes, Toni Colette, Hard Candy’s Patrick Wilson, King Arthur’s Hugh Dancy, Glenn Close and Eileen Atkins.

And what of the plot? It’s adapted from Susan Minot’s sprawling novel, which sees Redgrave’s character reminiscing as she dies about her life as a young woman (where her character will be played by Danes). Talking to her daughters (Colette and Richardson), she remembers her first love, with Streep playing her college friend in the present and Gummer the same role in the past. Confused yet?

It’s all tied together in a script penned by A Home At The End Of The World writer Michael Cunningham, which director Lajos Koltai started shooting this week.

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