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Meet the Stalkers

Here's yet more footage from super-delayed adventure, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, this time displaying the gun-toting human inhabitants of the radiated danger zone. You'll need to trade, fight and work with these ruthless chaps along the course of your hunt for valuable artifacts. For the trailer, hit the Movies tab above, launch the video player, and find "STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl - teaser 01-19-07."

But the Stalkers are made up of many different clans of bounty hunters, all attempting to live alongside one another under the shadow of the ruined Chernobyl nuclear plant. Ex-military personnel have founded Duty, standing between the few remaining humans and the rampaging mutant monsters. The volatile Freedom force is made up of terrorists, who regularly attack Duty groups.

Monolith troops hunt for a supremely powerful monolith believed to rest at the heart of Chernobyl, while scatterings of independent Stalkers make their own way through the chaos, and teams of highly-trained Mercenaries ruthlessly execute orders from outside the Zone. When STALKER finally launches on in March you'll need to find your own place among these tooled-up hunters.

January 19, 2007