Meet the Robinsons Cheats

Meet the Robinsons Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jimmy and Chris W.

    Get Prizes for Scanning

    Scan everything you can scan to get the prizes from Lazlo. You can get blueprints and action figures - it will be fun!

Meet the Robinsons Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Woody


    Acolyte of Protectospheres (10) - Complete First Protectosphere Course.
    Ambush Art in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat Art in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Bear Down on Bud in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat Grandpa in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Best Billie in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat Billie in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Clobber the Champ in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat the Champ in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Complete All Havoc Puzzles (50) - Complete Every Havoc Glove Puzzle.
    Completed First Havoc Puzzle (10) - Complete First Havoc Glove Puzzle.
    Defeat Mega Doris (100) - Defeat Mega Doris.
    Earn Billie VR Disk (10) - Earn Billie's VR Disk.
    Earn Franny's VR Disk (10) - Earn Franny's VR Disk.
    Earn Grandpa's VR Disk (10) - Earn Grandpa's VR Disk.
    Earn Laszlo's VR Disk (10) - Earn Laszlo's VR Disk.
    Earn Tallulah's VR Disk (10) - Earn Tallulah's VR Disk.
    Earn Uncle Art VR Disk (10) - Earn Uncle Art's VR Disk.
    Find Egypt Charge Ball Court (10) - Find Egypt Charge Ball VR Disk.
    Find Frog Room Charge Ball Court (10) - Find Frog Room Charge Ball VR Disk.
    Find Garden Charge Ball Court (10) - Find Robinson Garden Charge Ball VR Disk.
    Find Hive Charge Ball Court (10) - Find Hive Charge Ball VR Disk.
    Find Magma Charge Ball Court (10) - Find Magma Charge Ball VR Disk.
    Find Train Room Court (10) - Find Train Room Charge Ball VR Disk.
    Finish off Franny in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat Franny in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Found All Charge Ball Courts (50) - All Charge Ball VR Disks Collected.
    Grand Master of Protectospheres (50) - Complete all Protectosphere Courses.
    Lambaste Laszlo in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat Laszlo in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Master of Security (100) - Score 100,000 in the Security System.
    Obtain Disassembler Gadget (10) - Obtain the Disassembler Gadget.
    Obtain LEV Gadget (10) - Obtain the LEV Gun.
    Obtain the Charge Ball Gadget (10) - Obtain the Charge Ball Glove.
    Obtained Havoc Gadget (10) - Obtain Havoc Gloves.
    Obtained Scanning Technology (10) - Complete the mission to create the scanner gadget.
    Overwhelmed Menacing Automaton (40) - Defeat Robot guarding the time machine.
    Restored Space/Time Continuum (20) - Complete Science Fair Level.
    Scan 130 Items (100) - Scan 130 items throughout the game.
    Security Specialist (100) - Score 25,000 in the Security System.
    Trounce Tallulah in Charge Ball (10) - Defeat Tallulah in Charge Ball Mini-Game.
    Undermined Prometheus Project (60) - Defeat Prometheus.
    Utilized Time Machine (10) - Escape from Egypt in the time machine.
    Vanquish Army of Giant Ants (60) - Defeat Lizzy