Meet the new Spider UK in Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 art
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 continues the anthology limited series' new exploration of Spider-Man's presence in the Multiverse and introduces a new incarnation of a classic Spider-Man Multiverse 'Variant', Spider UK. And according to Marvel, the issue will also reveal the "threat behind the Spider-Verse's destruction."

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 variant cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Ahead of Edge of Spider-Verse #2's August 17 release, Marvel Comics has released a preview of interior pages from writer Ramzee and artist Ruairí Coleman's story of the new Spider UK, along with a look at artist Zoe Thorogood's design for the character as it appears on a variant cover for the issue. Spider UK also features on the issue's main cover by Josemaria Casanovas, seen above.

Along with the Spider UK story, Edge of Spider-Verse #2 features a main story by writer Dan Slott and Paco Medina involving Shathra "the mysterious Spider-Wasp who hails from the Astral Plane," seen alongside the new Spider UK on the issue's primary cover, above.

Check out the pages and the design variant right here, along with a second Spider UK variant from artist Ernanda Suza:

Other stories included in the anthology involve a showdown between Ghost-Spider and Mysterio from writer Mallory Rosenthal and artist Ig Guara, and the return of Chris Giarusso's beloved Mini-Marvels in a Spider-Verse-centric strip.

The current Edge of Spider-Verse limited series will give way later this year to a new adjectiveless Spider-Man ongoing title from Slott, making his return to monthly Spider-Man comics, and artist Mark Bagley, himself a long-time Spidey artist.

That story will focus on Peter Parker as he teams up with several of his Spider-allies to take on the mystical villain Morlun.

With the Edge of Spider-Verse villain about to be revealed, will there be a Morlun connection to the new threat? Time will tell.

Will these new characters measure up to the weirdest versions of Spider-Man from across the Marvel Comics Spider-Verse?

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