Meet the "new Nightwing" of DC Future State: Teen Titans - spoilers

Future State: Teen Titans #1
(Image credit: DC)

DC has shared some images from January's Future State: Teen Titans #1 ahead of their virtual Justice League Family panel Friday afternoon, December 4 for Brazil's CCXP Worlds.

Future State: Teen Titans promo image (Image credit: DC)

The new images include three interior pages from the issue (below), along with a promo image that raises more questions than it provides answers about the title ahead of the two-issue series's January 12 debut.

The first, as seen above and to the right is self-explanatory, albeit with unexplained implications.

According to the image, Red X, a character who like Harley Quinn was created for a DC animated TV series - in this case, the early '00s Teen Titans series - will make his comic book debut in Future State as the partner of the "new Nightwing" who appears to be wearing a Nightwing costume along with a variation of long-time Titans nemesis Deathstroke's mask. 

Future State: Teen Titans #1 cover by Rafa Sandoval (Image credit: DC)

On the surface, this may seem like the introduction of another new character or the new mystery identity of an existing character until you realize this "new Nightwing" is wearing the same Nightwing costume as Dick Grayson as seen on the covers of Future State: Teen Titans #1 and #2. In fact, Dick/Nightwing is seen reaching for the Deathstroke mask on the cover of issue #1.

But the intrigue doesn't end there. If you look closely, this "new Nightwing" is also packing a sidearm (not very Dick Grayson-like). But before you conclude that definitively makes it a new character, check out these three black and white pages by Rafa Sandoval from Future State: Teen Titans #1 that Newsarama readers get to see first, which includes who by all appearances is Dick, in the same costume, also packing the sidearm. 

The images also drop a few other specific information bombs about the future of Future State: Teen Titans.

The solicitation copy has already revealed the story takes place when some of the original New Teen Titans return to the ruins of Teen Titans Academy, a school formed to mentor young DC heroes (which has not yet been established in current DC continuity) to combat the villain who destroyed it years prior.

interior image from Future State: Teen Titans #1 by Rafa Sandoval (Image credit: DC)

These new pages reveal who didn't make it out of that attack alive, including the grave markers of Donna Troy, Wally West, and Wallace West along with the names of a few characters that don't seem to have appeared yet in DC continuity - Summer Zahid, Matt Price, and Lucas LaPorte or LaPorter.

(Matt Price, interestingly and likely coincidently, was the name of the Dell Comics '60s superhero Brain Boy.)

Future State: Teen Titans #1 variant cover by Dustin Nguyen (Image credit: DC)

In addition, a giant Roy Harper statue seems to indicate he also perished in the attack.

Future State: Teen Titans writer Tim Sheridan will be one of the featured creators for the CCXP Worlds Justice League Family panel, so perhaps some additional insight will be coming later Friday. 

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