DC hints at another animation to comic books jump during Future State

Red X
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DC has revealed their programming schedule for this weekend's CCXP Worlds, the 2020 virtual version of South America's largest comic book convention that usually takes place in Brazil. And DC's description of their first panel - Future State: Justice League Family - suggests someone or something could make the jump from the world of animation to DC comic books along with the character Red X. 

Future State: Teen Titans #2 (Image credit: DC)

Red X in Future State appears as a mysterious ex-student of the Teen Titans program. As with Red X's storyline at the end of the Teen Titans animated series, the mystery of Red X’s true identity appears to be central to the story of Future State: Teen Titans.

"...will Tim Sheridan reveal who else (or what else!) besides Red X will make the jump from animation to comics and be featured in Future State: Shazam and Future State: Teen Titans?" reads DC's description (below).

And if DC's communications office is suggesting it, count on it happening. 

"DC's publishing presence at Brazil's CCXP Worlds is packed with panels featuring the World's Greatest Super Heroes, and there's nothing more important to DC than our fans!" reads DC's announcement. "Featuring Brazilian artists Gustavo Duarte, Rafael Albuquerque and Gabriel Picolo, as well as panels with dozens of DC's creative teams all focused on delivering a first look into DC's Future State comics for CCXP's global fans, DC is committed to immersive fan experiences that bring the DC Multiverse to life."

Here is a look at DC's full schedule, including the Justice League Family program:

Friday, December 4th

DC Future State: Justice League Family
5:26pm - 5:54pm GMT / 12:26pm – 12:54pm PT
Hear what Eduardo Pansica, Robson Rocha, Tim Sheridan, Robbie Thompson, Geoffrey Thorne, Ram V. and Joshua Williamson are doing in January and February for DC’s Future State! Why does Robbie Thomas say the theme of Future State: Suicide Squad is “Amanda Waller Wins,” and will Tim Sheridan reveal who else (or what else!) besides Red X will make the jump from animation to comics and be featured in Future State: Shazam and Future State: Teen Titans? Plus, an incredible first look at lots of Future State artwork before issues hit shelves! Moderated by DC’s Group Editor Alex Carr.

DC Draws YA and Middle Grade with Gustavo Duarte and Gabriel Picolo
6:24pm - 6:52pm GMT / 1:24pm – 1:52pm PT
Brazilian artists Gustavo Duarte (Dear Justice League, Dear Super-Villains) and Gabriel Picolo (Teen Titans: Raven) discuss reimagining DC’s iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains for new, younger audiences with moderator and fellow DC artist Rafael Albuquerque. Moderated by Rafael Albuquerque.

Saturday, December 5th 

DC Future State: Voices of Wonder Woman
3:55pm - 4:24pm GMT / 10:55am – 11:24am PT
Hear what Jen Bartel, Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Joëlle Jones, Alitha Martinez, and L.L. McKinney are doing in January and February for DC Future State! Moderated by DC’s Group Editor Jamie Rich.

DC Future State: New Talent Showcase
4:24pm - 4:57pm GMT / 11:24am – 11:57pm PT
Hear what Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin, Sean Lewis, Giannis Milonogiannis, Paula Sevenbergen and Brandon Thomas are doing in January and February for DC’s Future State! Who is Jeremy Adams talking about when he says “Death comes for us all,” and watch Brandon Thomas’ reaction when Megan Fitzmartin says “I want to make Tim Drake as sad as possible.” All this and more! Moderated by DC’s Editor Jessica Chen. 

Sunday, December 6th

DC Future State: Batman: 
5:12pm - 5:40pm GMT / 12:12pm – 12:40pm PT
Join Emanuela Lupacchino, Stephanie Phillips, John Ridley, Mariko Tamaki and Gene Luen Yang for a behind the scenes look at what’s in store for the Dark Knight and his crimefighting allies when DC Future State invades Gotham City! Moderated by DC’s Group Editor Ben Abernathy.

DC Future State: Superman
6:40pm - 07:08pm GMT / 1:40pm – 2:08pm PT
Hear what Marguerite Bennett, Brandon Easton, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Mark Russell and John Timms are doing in January and February for DC’s Future State! The Superman (and Superwoman) panelists all use the same word to describe DC’s oldest Super Hero, “hope,” but they all have a very different idea of what that means in DC’s Future State! Moderated by DC’s Associate Editor Brittany Holzherr.

A full programming schedule for CCXP Worlds can be found on their website

Check out all of DC’s Future State comic books here: 

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