Meet Batman: Arkham City's newest resident, Talia al Ghul

While many still wonder if Talia al Ghul, daughter of one of Batman’s greatest foes and one of Bruce’s main love interests, will make an appearance in Dark Knight Rises, today at Comic-Con we got a more important confirmation. The femme fatale will be appearing in the incredibly awesome-looking Batman: Arkham City, and she’ll be voiced by Stana Katic from the TV show Castle.

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Adding Talia is a very intriguing choice, as her presence creates many questions, not the least of which is where her father in all this? Ra’s had a blink-and-you-miss-it Easter egg in Arkham Asylum, but the possible inclusion of his world-spanning League of Assassin’s in B:AC is a little bit outside the more ground-level Batman we’ve seen in the Arkham games so far. Will Ra’s just be a shadowy figure, one that might be teased as the villain for a third game?

Additionally, what impact will Talia have on the Bat’s mission in Arkham City? In the comics Talia has almost as often been Bruce’s enemy as she is his friend and would-be betrothed. And how’s Catwoman going to react if she has to compete for Batman’s attention? And will this Talia know Batman’s secret identity like she does in the books? We’ll let you guys in on the answers as soon as we know, though we have one last question: What do you think?

Jul 21, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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