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Medieval Total War expands its kingdoms

The next age of medieval warfare is on its way with Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms, the expansion pack for the massively popular 2006 gameMedieval II: Total War. Also published by Sega, and due to be released in Autumn 2007, Kingdoms will offer four all new campaigns, adding over 75 hours worth of gameplay.

One campaignwill give gamers the opportunity tofully explorethe New World, which was revealed towards the end of Medieval II. You'll retrace the steps of Hernan Cortes in 1519, as he attempts to conquer, explore and generally give the Aztec or Native American factionsthe boot all over again. Orplay asone of the New World factions and use the power of their vast armies and Gods to be sure that boot is used to walk Cortes right onto a boat back to Spain.