Medieval II image montage

Thursday 6 July 2006
Medieval II: Total War is set to unleash hell on your PC this November, and we've enlisted a handful of shots to show off the game's teeming armies, as well as give you a glance at the game's redesigned campaign map. Just click on the images tab for the rest of these new screens.

The map view, where you shuffle armies into action and manage your empire's city life, has been given an overhaul - and it looks better than ever. You can now choose between constructing towns and fortified settlements, which in turn dictates the sort of unit and technology building you do at each location.

Above: The hundreds of different troop types are all meticulously - and individually - detailed

You'll be fielding gigantic armies of 10,000 individual soldiers in the real-time battle mode - just take a look at the screens to see men-at-arms clashing in their own randomly created get-up of uniforms, shields and weapons. Medieval II: Total War expands the warfare series' boundaries of destruction to a staggering degree, and we'll be hunting down a hands-on as soon as possible.

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