Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond gets a December release date and Steam support

(Image credit: Respawn)

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will launch on December 11 on both Oculus and Steam with OpenVR support, EA and Respawn announced today.

The VR-exclusive shooter brings the Medal of Honor series where it's never gone before, complete with several multiplayer modes and cross-platform support for Steam and Oculus users. However, as Eurogamer spotted, an Oculus representative explained on Reddit that Steam and Oculus buyers won't be able to send invites to each other, although they will find each other in matchmaking. 

Here's a quick primer on the WW2 shooter for those who've missed the past few trailers: 

"Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond returns to the series' roots, transporting players to a boots-on-the-ground World War II setting that spans the earth, sea and sky, with players jumping from planes, skiing down mountainsides and sabotaging Nazi bases," Respawn says. "Aspiring soldiers won't be going it alone, however: a veteran sergeant and young British medic will serve as companions throughout the single-player campaign, and the game will feature appearances from other Medal of Honor legends, including Manon Batiste and Dr. Gronek."

We spoke with Respawn earlier this month to learn more about the adaptive combat in Above and Beyond. As game director Peter Hirschmann explained, "Anything you pick up can be used as a weapon. Books, pieces of art. There's a line in the trailer where the sergeant says, 'We're going to have to improvise, lieutenant.' That's a very meta line, because motion-controlled VR? It's all improvised."

In our preview of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, all the way back in 2019, we found shooting VR Nazis to be pretty fun.  

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