McG adapting Maintenance

Joseph McGinty Nichol (yeah, we said his full name – it’s like summoning the Candyman) has been a little quiet on the directing front since Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. True, he’s just tackled real-life American football tragedy We Are Marshall, but it seems he’s been more focused on shepherding TV shows good (Supernatural) and bad (Fastlane) on to the screen.

That hasn’t stopped him from grabbing projects in development and throwing them into his in tray like a child in a toy store. The latest to fall into his hands is the rights to Oni Press’ comic Maintenance.

Joe Ballarini is the writer hard at work on adapting the series, which follows two luckless janitors at Terrormax, a company that supplies doomsday devices to super villains. The pair have the chance to save the world – if their jobs don’t get in the way.

"Some of the films that made me want to become a director like Back To The Future' and Raiders Of The Lost Ark are based on action, comedy and groundbreaking special effects," McG gushed to Variety. "It is my goal to make Maintenance in the same tradition." We really wish he’d add “but you know, better than either of the overblown Charlie’s movies”.

For now, the project looks like it’ll have to sit on the shelf and wait until he’s available – he’s already got fantasy drama Me And My Monster sitting at the head of the queue.

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