Matthew McConaughey talks Lincoln Lawyer 2

Matthew McConaughey is the loquacious and candid subject of this month's Total Film Interview, which you can read in the brand new issue (out now in magazine and brilliant new interactive iPad edition formats).

He chats at length about the ups and downs of his career, and gives an update on the status of the sequel to his biggest hit in recent years, The Lincoln Lawyer .

Here's an extract from the interview:

A lot of people felt you lost your way. Did you see The Lincoln Lawyer as a comeback?

“It didn’t feel like a big return or revolution. I mean, I understand how it could have been perceived as that, and that movie got well reviewed.

"Wouldn’t you think that the sequel would be getting written right now for me to do the next one? [ The character, Mickey Haller, appears in four novels ]. I’m like, “Hurry up, everybody!” It is getting written right now but it should be on more of a fast track. Let’s get this on, man.”

Which book is it going to be based on?

“It’s actually a mix of two. I won’t reveal what those are, but it’s a mix of two. I got good reviews on The Lincoln Lawyer . There’s a lot of times that critics have written the review before they’ve seen the frickin’ movie. They’ve written the review on me before they’ve seen it – maybe the critic doesn’t like me.”

McConaughey will next be seen in Killer Joe , which opens on 29 June 2012.

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