Matt Smith On Doctor Who Series 6.2

From the Doctor’s mouth – why you should be be excited. MILD SPOILERS

“There are lots more revelations to come, as you’ll see in episode eight. Really great ones, as well. It’s quite strange, because I do find out [the revelations] quite late on in the process. I asked for that to change, this year – we’ll see! I’m just kind of excited when I find any revelation. But I think it’s a good pay-off, so I’m pleased in story terms. I didn’t go ‘Oh really? That’s really rubbish…’ I went ‘Whoa! That’s mental! Brilliant!’

“I think episode 8’s a real barnstormer. It’s Steven, I have to say, on huge storytelling form.”

“We’ve got Mark Gatiss’ episode, with a load of really freaky dolls, and Danny Mays, who’s just a wonderful bloke and brilliant actor. And then we have episode 10, Tom MacRae’s, where we see Amy Pond go on a very interesting adventure. There are these handbots, and there’s this whole time twist in it. It gives Karen the platform to be very brilliant, acting-wise, and wear a prosthetic, that’s all I’ll say…

“11 is marvellous – Toby Whithouse’s episode, great monster. And David Walliams, who’s very funny, very brilliant. He plays this mole-looking creature who comes from this planet where the whole population are designed to be afraid. So that’s their purpose in life, to welcome invaders and be captured! You can imagine David being quite funny at that.

“And then there’s episode 12, which is James [Corden], Cybermen, a sort of Three Men And A Baby , which is really great fun… James is back on fine fiddle. The Cybermen are great. I like those episodes. I want him to come back again, James.

“Episode 13’s bloody brilliant. It’s Steven answering all our questions…”

“I’ve already been thinking about hats for next year. I think the pork pie’s quite fun… I think Steven’s going to go for a really ridiculous one, if indeed he gives me one at all. I really liked the Stetson…”

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Nick Setchfield
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