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Mass Effect Cheats

The first entry in BioWare's space opera, detailing the rise of Commando Shepard in the face of a mysterious enemy.

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Mass Effect Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by FullAssassinJ

    Animal farm reference


    While on planet Noveria, Captain Ventralis states his rule is two legs good, four legs bad, the opposite of the sheep's favourite phrase in George Orwell's "Animal Farm".

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dan Rome

    John Wilkes Booth Reference

    Planet Noveria

    On the planet Noveria when you are in the hot labs with the Russian doctor tells you of the plasma purge ask him for the codes and a Rachni solider will kill him. Don't get the codes off his body and go to the V.I. - you only have two options, leave or mumble something. Choose mumble, then Shepard will mumble "Sic Semper Tyranns" which John Wilkes Booth said after shooting president Lincoln.

  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by thecruader28

    Old Bioware Nods

    Nihlus the first Spectre you meet is a nod to Darth Nihlus in KOTOR 2 they even have the same face paint.

    The Selkath undewater base in KOTOR 1 has the same name as the rift station in Mass Effect where you confront the Rachni.

    A lot of characters in Mass Effect are similarly named to races and characters in the KOTOR games like the Thorian refers to the Ithorians from KOTOR, Saren's injuries (geth implants) are a reference to to Malaks face injuries in KOTOR cuz before they both betray the good guys the get badly damaged in a fight of some sort.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Icy75

    Shifty-looking Cow


    When you find Ontarom (Dead Scientists assignment takes place here) look for the gold deposit, around it is a herd of cows that look more like lizards and deer put together. One cow is labeled "shifty-looking cow" if you try to talk to it nothing will happen, but when you walk away it will steal some of your credits (don't worry it's only about 8). There's no way to take them back either, even if you kill it.

Mass Effect Unlockables

  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by madbomer9667

    Geth Pulse Rifle

    Assult on Choras Den (second playthrough)

    On a second playthrough, just before you go in to the room where Fist is, you will see two guards. Talk to them with Rex in your party. Using the Rengade option will make they will walk off. After the conversation, there will be a box to your left containing the pulse rifle.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by T-Dog

    Pinnacle Station Achievements

    Best of the Best (50) - Take first place in 12 combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station.
    New Sheriff in Town (50) - Take first place in any combat scenario on Pinnacle Station.
    Undisputed (50) - Complete Ahern's survival mission.

  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by Robots in disguise

    New Character Unlockables

    Unlocking certain achievements allows you to gain certain benefits for your second play through the game.

    +10% Experience Bonus - Complete 75% of Game
    +10% Hardening Bonus - Complete 75% of Game with Ashley in Squad
    +10% Health Bonus - Kill 150 Organic Beings
    +10% Shield Bonus - Kill 250 Synthetics
    +25% Marksman Cooldown Bonus - Attain 150 Kills with Pistol
    Assault Rifle Skill for New Characters - Attain 150 Kills with Assault Rifle
    Decryption Skill for New Characters - Use Sabotage 75 Times
    Electronics Skill for New Characters - Use Overload 75 Times
    Shielding Skill for New Characters - Use Dampening 75 Times
    Shotgun Skill for New Characters - Attain 150 Kills with Shotgun
    Sniper Rifle Skill for New Characters - Attain 150 Kills with Sniper Rifle
    Spectre Grade Weapons for Purchase - Attain 1,000,000 Credits in your Wallet.

  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by RAdioBirdman


    Hardcore Mode - Complete the game once
    Insane Difficulty - Complete the game on Hardcore without changing the difficulty during gameplay
    Increased Level Cap (51 - 60) - Complete the game once
    New Game + - Start a New Game, then select to use existing Career. You'll be playing with your older character (with all items and skills intact)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by abba zabba


    AI Hacking Specialist (15)
    Use AI Hacking 75 times.

    Asari Ally (20)
    Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member.

    Assault Rifle Expert (15)
    Register 150 Assault Rifle Kills.

    Barrier Mastery (15)
    Use biotic Barrier 75 times.

    Charismatic (10)
    Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation.

    Completionist (25)
    Complete the majority of the game.

    Council Legion of Merit (25)
    Complete Virmire.

    Damping Specialist (15)
    Use Damping Field 75 times.

    Distinguished Combat Medal (25)
    Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting.

    Distinguished Service Medal (25)
    Complete Eden Prime.

    Dog of War (25)
    Register 150 organic enemy kills.

    Extreme Power Gamer (50)
    Reach 60th level with one character.

    First Aid Specialist (15)
    Use medi-gel 150 times.

    Geth Hunter (25)
    Register 250 Synthetic enemy kills.

    Honorarium of Corporate Service (25)
    Complete Noveria.

    Krogan Ally (20)
    Complete the majority of the game with the Krogan squad member.

    Lift Mastery (15)
    Use biotic Lift 75 times.

    Long Service Medal (25)
    Complete 2 Mass Effect Playthroughs on any setting.

    Medal of Exploration (50)
    Land on an uncharted world.

    Medal of Heroism (25)
    Complete Feros.

    Medal of Honor (100)
    Complete 1 Mass Effect Playthrough on any setting.

    Medal of Valor (50)
    Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Insanity difficulty setting.

    Neural Shock Specialist (15)
    Use Neural Shock 75 times.

    Overlord Specialist (15)
    Use Shield Overload 75 times.

    Paragon (15)
    Accumulate 75% of total Paragon points.

    Paramour (10)
    Complete any romance subplot.

    Pistol Expert (10)
    Register 150 Pistol Kills.

    Power Gamer (20)
    Reach 50th level with one character.

    Quarian Ally (20)
    Complete the majority of the game with the quarian squad member.

    Renegade (15)
    Accumulate 75% of total Renegade points.

    Rich (25)
    Exceed 1,000,000 Credits.

    Sabotage Specialist (15)
    Use Sabotage 75 times.

    Scholar (25)
    Find all primary Aliens: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries.

    Search and Rescue (10)
    Locate Dr. T’Soni in the Artemis Tau cluster.

    Sentinal Ally (20)
    Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance sentinel squad member.

    Shotgun Expert (15)
    Register 150 Shotgun Kills.

    Singularity Mastery (15)
    Use biotic Singularity 75 times.

    Sniper Expert (15)
    Register 150 Sniper Rifle Kills.

    Soldier Ally (20)
    Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance soldier squad member.

    Spectre Inductee (15)
    Become a Spectre.

    Stasis Mastery (15)
    Use biotic Stasis 75 times.

    Tactician (25)
    Complete playthrough with shield damage greater than health damage.

    Throw Mastery (15)
    Use biotic Throw 75 times.

    Turian Ally (20)
    Complete the majority of the game with the turian squad member.

    Warp Mastery (15)
    Use biotic Warp 75 times.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Zorrando

    Downloadable Content Achievements

    Colonial Savior (50)
    Complete the Bring Down the Sky mission.

Mass Effect Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Classicjarhead

    How damage effective are your weapons?

    During the game you will notice red lights on the side of your weapons. The red lines on your guns represent how combat effective they are, determined by more red lines and how dark of a tint they represent allows you to know how much damage they posses.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Matt

    Infinite Credits

    Can be done anytime after saving Dr. Michel, and coming back to the Citadel.
    After you do the supply drop mission from Dr. Michel she will give you a discount on the supplies she sells. However this discount works both ways as she will now buy anything you sell to her for much more than the other vendors. Now sell her as much stuff as you can, and go to Expat, you can buy back the stuff and still make a profit, keep on doing this and you will unlock the millionaire achievement.
    *The first time you will lose money but ultimately you gain a ton of Credits, and it only takes about 45 min.*

Mass Effect Cheats

  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Mass Effect Galaxy Guide

    We give you an essential overview of every planet in the game

  • PC | Submitted by Jason, xfire:jasonthekiller1

    Cheats for Your PC

    ok well..... u all will want this so Go to My Documents/Bioware (where save games and stuff are) Go to My Documents / Bioware (where save games and stuff are)

    Go into Config files Open BioImput ini file with Notepad.locate the section [Engine.Console] and beneath it enter the line ConsoleKey=Tilde and then hit return so there is an extra space in between sections.

    fly - enable fly mode. Very awkward controls.
    GiveAllArmor - Gives all Armors
    GiveAllBioamps - Gives Bio Amps, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer
    GiveAllOmniTools - Gives Omni Tool, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer
    giveall - gives you everything exept for armor.
    givexp # - replace # with desired amount of experience points
    setparagon # - replace # with desired amount of paragon points
    setrenegade # - replace # with desired amount of renegade points
    givetalentpoints # - replace # with the desired amount of talent points.
    walk - return to normal on foot control
    ghost - walk through walls

Mass Effect Glitches

  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by Zovus

    Unlimited Paragon/Renegade Points

    Planet Noveria

    On the planet Noveria, go to the hotel bar and speak with the Turian named Lorik Quinn. Take his quest to steal data from his office. Once you find the data, the receptionist will ask you to get Quinn to testify. Tell her you will, and then go back to Quinn.

    To get all the Paragon or Renegade points you want do the following:

    1. Tell Quinn he should testify (top left).
    2. He will refuse. Select either Charm (for Paragon) or Intimidate (for Renegade) to gain points.
    3. Ask him again about the Matriarch.
    4. Select other questions and you�ll be able to repeat the same dialogue and gain more points.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jared

    Backwards Earth

    When you first land on Luna, the moon of Earth, look at your map and head west toward the three buildings with the six turrets. After destroying the turrets, park the mako in the middle of the three buildings and look around for Earth. Once you have found it zoom in as far as possible and you can see that Earth is backwards.Florida is where California is and California is where Florida is.