Mass Effect will use SecuROM

BioWare has revealed that the PC version of Mass Effect will use a copy protection system that re-authenticates the game every ten days.

The game will use the copy protection product SecuROM, which has been previously criticized when it shipped with BioShock and a number of The Sims 2 expansion packs.

"Mass Effect PC uses SecuROM which requires an online activation for the first time you play Mass Effect PC after installation," posted BioShock community communications coordinator Chris Priestly on BioWare's Mass Effect forums. "After the first activation, SecuROM requires that it re-check with the server within ten days in order to revalidate the CD key.

"If the check is not successfully performed within the 10 day period, Mass Effect will not run until an online check is successful."

BioWare developers also confirmed in the same forum thread that Mass Effect PC requires an internet-connection due to the authentication, the game can only be activated three times, and the re-authentication works on a calendar cycle.

So if you don't play it for over ten days and your internet connection goes down, you're basically screwed.

There's no mention of how long EA intends to support the game, either. So if at any point EA shuts down its SecuROM servers, there will beno more Mass Effect for you. Or anybody else for that matter.

Mass Effect PC is released in the US on May 27 and in Europe on June 6.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 7, 2008