Mass Effect un-banned!

Nov 16, 2007

It's turning into a bit of a soap opera in the Singapore gaming scene; Mass Effect, previously banned in the country for its dirty lesbian sex scene, has now had its ban reversed and will go on sale as planned.

Like God of War II and The Darkness before it, Mass Effect was originally refused release by Singapore's Media Development Authority because it contains "a scene of lesbian intimacy... as such the game has been disallowed," a statement read.

Under local guidelines games sold in Singapore cannot feature "exploitative or gratuitous sex and violence, or denigrate any race or religion," even if the scene in question is moreCinemax than Dirk Diggler.

Now, according to GameAxis, the ban is being lifted and BioWare's RPG will be released with an M18 rating in Singapore. Apparently the reversal is a stopgap until a full games ratings system is launched in January.

Either way its good news for Xbox 360 owners (andhorndogs) in the Far East, who'll now be able to enjoy the RPG in all its filthy glory. Look for our review soon.

Courtesy of CVG