Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is reportedly the name of the remastered trilogy

(Image credit: EA Games)

The long-rumored Mass Effect remaster trilogy is back in the news once again, but this time it's been claimed that the trilogy package will be called the "Legendary Edition."

These claims have been made by GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, speaking on the site's Xbox Expansion Podcast on Monday (via VideoGamesChronicle). On the podcast, Grubb claimed that the remastered trilogy would be called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Later on, Grubb made another claim in a GamesBeat video, saying that the remastered trilogy wouldn't release for the Nintendo Switch. You might remember that last week a retailer listed the remastered Mass Effect trilogy for release on Nintendo's console.

There has never been any official comment on the rumor of a remastered Mass Effect trilogy from publisher EA, or original developer BioWare. A previous report indicated that EA plans to announce the remastered trilogy in October, but Grubb has said he will talk about the trilogy at some point later this week.

What we do know for certain is that there’s a Mass Effect art book on the way. The Art of the Mass Effect trilogy will be launching next year in February 2021, which would put it quite a while after the traditional “N7 Day” in November. Perhaps we’ll be able to pour over the glorious art book while we wait for news about the remastered trilogy.

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Hirun Cryer

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