Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered listings for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch pop up on retailer's site

(Image credit: BioWare/EA)

Listings for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch have appeared on Portugese retailer Gaming Replay's website, suggesting the long-awaited remaster could be coming soon.

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The three separate listings, which have since been removed from the site, had the Xbox One and PS4 versions at €59.99 and the Switch version at €49.99. Under the description it simply said "more information coming soon" but there was verbiage suggesting the remaster would launch in October 2020. Keen-eyed fans desperate for a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy (myself included) pointed out that the box art is likely temporary since it's the same logo as the Xbox 360 trilogy bundle.

As we previously reported, GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb explained on a podcast that he was "sure" EA would announce the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered in early October of this year, and release the trilogy later in the month. This coincides with the Portugese retailer listing stating the remaster will launch in October 2020. "I think [EA] were planning to have this Mass Effect trilogy be the other big thing [other than Star Wars Squadrons] for $60 this holiday, so that's why I'm still pretty confident it will make it out," Grubb said. "But with everything else falling apart, like across the board, I could see them also wanting to just delay. But that's not for sure - that's not a guarantee yet - like, that hasn't even been decided yet. It just seems like it's a possibility that's on the table but last I heard, October - October for both."

Mass Effect fans have been waiting a long time for a full remaster of the original trilogy - while Mass Effect 2 and 3 stand up to the test of time, Mass Effect 1 and its jenky Mako mechanics needs some tinkering in order to translate well to current-gen. I'm just waiting for a chance to replay the trilogy all over again and make the exact same decisions I made the first two times around. Sorry, Ashley Williams. 

A new book celebrating the art of the Mass Effect Trilogy, is currently available for pre-order.

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