Mass Effect Andromeda gives us another look at the new ship, the Tempest

That up there is the Tempest, the new ship in Mass Effect Andromeda, and presumably that's the young Ryder son staring at the tree. In case you missed it there are actually three Ryders in Mass Effect Andromeda, a father, son and daughter. So far it looks like the bro/sis pair form the playable gender choice. 

It's not the first time we've seen the Tempest with Bioware naming and showing it off in this clip from June: 

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It's hard to get a scale from that image but I'd say it looks a touch smaller than the old N7. That planet also looks new. We've seen a dusty desert location before but not one with trees. Compared to that, and the caverns seen in Mass Effect Andromeda's PS4 Pro gameplay, this place looks a little nicer. Well, okay, it's got a tree. But it's a nice space tree and no one's trying to kill anyone and in Mass Effect world makes it a good planet. 

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