Mass Effect Andromeda's male/female heroes are brother and sister (and dad's around too)

Last night we got to see the first Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay(which you can watch up there) and spend some proper time with the new hero Ryder. Now it turns out there are actually three Ryders in the game - a whole family's worth.

Mass Effect Andromeda creative director Mac Walters told PlayStation Access (in the video below) that the female and male versions of the character seen so far are actually bother and sister, while the very first character we saw is their father. 

Here's the full quote from Walters: 

"At E3 we got to see our female Ryder character and now we're seeing the male Ryder character. What a lot of people don't know is that these two are brother and sister, and they both exist in the game world at the same time. So, if you're playing as the sister Ryder, your brother is somewhere in the universe. And another fun little titbit is the character you saw two E3's ago in the N7 is actually their father. So we've got the full Ryder family now revealed". 

In case you missed them then here's pops, son and sis all together: 

You can watch the full interview below. 

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