Mass Effect 5 is still in pre-production but "proceeding very well"

Mass Effect 5 poster
(Image credit: BioWare)

Mass Effect 5 remains in pre-production, though BioWare has revealed several new details about the game to tide fans over.

To celebrate N7 Day, taking place today on November 7, BioWare has published a brand new blog post teasing new details of the forthcoming sequel. "Pre-production development has been proceeding very well," reads the blog post. This sentence signals that the new Mass Effect game is still early in development, despite having been announced over a year ago in 2021.

This detail follows hot on the heels of BioWare revealing that it was still "envisioning" Mass Effect 5 just last week. The sequel might be in early development then, but the studio has still given a positive update on the goings-on, as well as revealing the sequel would definitely be a single-player game. That's music to the ears of those hoping for BioWare to get back to single-player offerings after Anthem, no doubt.

Elsewhere, BioWare confirms that Mass Effect 5 will feature returning characters from the longstanding RPG series, resurrecting characters fans have come to know and love. This admittedly isn't a huge surprise, given that the sequel's reveal trailer showed the beloved Liara to be present in the new game. 

Characters aren't the only familiar aspect of Mass Effect 5. It turns out that, according to BioWare, players will also be able to revisit past locations from the four entries in the series so far, although just like the mention of returning characters, the blog post stops short of mentioning which locations will be making a comeback.

A Guardian's of the Galaxy veteran is leading writing on Mass Effect 5, which should mean wondrous things for the forthcoming BioWare game. 

Hirun Cryer

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