Mass Effect 3's N7 Bounty Weekend starts today, brings bonus XP

It's been a week since EA challenged Mass Effect 3 online players to take down brutes in Operation Goliath, and now the publisher is celebrating that success with an N7 Bounty Weekend, aka Operation Fortress.

The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer promotion starts at 5pm (PST) tonight and carries on until 5am (PST) on Monday, March 26. Like last week's N7 Challenge Weekend, players will need to log on to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer and take part in the Galaxy at War missions therein. Doing so will net them an XP bonus of 25% on top of the experience earned for all enemies, maps, and challenge levels.

Last week's challenge, Operation Goliath, promised a free Victory Pack for all participants if over 1 million Brutes were killed. According to EA's press release, over 3 million of the big baddies were felled by Alliance Forces. EA doesn't list any unlocks for this weekend's event, but the whole bonus XP thing is a prize in itself, no?

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