Mass Effect 3 romance guide

Diana Allers

Race: Human

Role: Reporter

Preference: Males and females

Personality: Promiscuous, annoying

Diana Allers serves as the television reporter for most of the galaxy, and will accompany the crew of the Normandy if given the chance. Throughout her stay, she’ll ask some invasive questions (none of which include “where can I get more clothing?”), which can be countered with intelligent, calculated responses for a boost in reputation, or frustrated dismissal for nothing more than personal satisfaction. If at any time you becomes less concerned with romancing her and more concerned with getting her the hell of your ship, all you need do is speak to her twice in the starboard cargo bay.

Romance walkthrough

The first step is to seek out Diana and invite her to stay on the Normandy. Find her in the lounge of Normandy’s docking bay at the Citadel the very first time you visit. Simply talk to her and agree to bring her along.

Diana will request private interviews with Shepard after two of the games Priority missions (Citadel and Thessia). As long as you don’t get angry and select “this interview is over” during your conversation, you can initiate things by flirting at the end of the first interview. You can also visit Diana at anytime down on the engineering deck.

Closing the deal

It is during the second private interview (after Priority: Thessia) that you can confirm your romance with Diana. Unlike many of the other romances, this is the final scene, meaning nothing else happens before you embark on the game’s final missions.